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SFL Students Selected as Volunteers in Singapore International Traditional Martial Competition

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        Singapore International Traditional Martial Competition in 2012 will be held between July 20th to 24th in Singapore. Recently, chairman of the Organizing Committee, and other 3 came to our school to have an volunteer recruitment. They examined our enrollments and selected outstanding volunteers to provide high-quality services for the competition. About 100 volunteers in our base participated in this recruitment, 6 students including Li Lingzhi are selected eventually.

        Volunteer recruitment are mainly examining student’s oral English level, understanding degree of Singapore’s culture and comprehension of volunteer spirit and that kind of thing. Interviewees need to have a 2 minutes self-introduction in both English and Chinese firstly, showing their own oral English and volunteer spirit. Interviewer raised some questions then, such as “Singapore’s landmark building”,Singapore’s vehicle is driving on the left or right”, “Singapore's currency and the RMB exchange rate”,views to only give and take nothing in return” and “how to dealing with contradictions between contestants and staff”,examining students’ capabilities of knowing Singapore’s culture and dealing with problems. Our students had showed personal presence and capacity in this interview.

Our students actively participated in the competition volunteer recruitment, and accumulated experience from this interview. Yin Rui said in class English 102, “We realize the importance of learning world culture from this interview; English majors neither study English unilaterally, nor study the humanity history of Britain and the U.S. and know nothing about other country’s culture. We should widen the range of our knowledge, participate in social practice more at the same time and learn from it”.

It’s reported that this martial competition is by far the largest scale competition which has ever held. At that time, Singapore will welcome officials, businesses and martial experts, international judges, athletes from all over the world to this beautiful city to participate in this pageant. Our 6 selected students will provide caring and thoughtful volunteer services to players and create a harmonious and friendly competition atmosphere.


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