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The Foundation of Translation Teaching Practice Base in Transn

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On June 15, the awarding ceremony of “the Translation Teaching Practice Base founded by the SLE and Transn (China) Information and Technology Co. Ltd” was held on the branch of Wuhan Optical Valley Software Park. This ceremony shows the SLE’s great efforts to build a platform for students’ internship and employment. The guests who attended this ceremony are Fu Qiang, the Deputy General Manager of Transn (Wuhan) Co., Cheng Guoxin, the SFL’s secretary of the Party committee , Ke Qunsheng, the Deputy Dean of SFL, Wei Dongmei, Deputy Secretary.

On the meeting room of Transn Co., the leaders of SFL and the principal of Transn Co. talked over the cooperation. Then, Mr. Chen and Mr. Fu , on behalf of the both sides, concluded and signed  “  Collaboration Agreement of Translation Teaching Practice Base between the SFL of Wuhan Textile University and Transn Co,”, the both sides agreed to strengthen the cooperation in translation practice, internship and employment , research and development and so on. After for a while, Mr. Chen represented the SFL to award the Transn Co. the

After the ceremony, the personnel visited the business sector of company and learned the Multilingual business working process and mode, Yan Lei (English Class 091) and Zhan Danlin (English Class 0921) took to practice. This summer holiday, the Transn will offer more interning chances to students of the SFL in batches.

It is said that Transn China took root in Wuhan in 2008. On the strength of its abundant trade experience and the proprietary TPM-based whole-process standardized Q. A. system, Transn China has successfully applied its advanced management technology, information technology, and Internet technology into the translation & localization process control and quality management sectors. By virtue of its worldwide preeminent lingual processing experts, Transn China has realized large-scale throughput and systematic quality control, as well as developed the world’s

first “Cloud Translation” service platform that integrates several multilingual service solutions, making it become a leading commercialized language service provider in the industry.

The successful Foundation of Translation Teaching Practice Base build a platform for students’ internship and employment and the teaching reform of the SFL.


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